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Naruto Yuri

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Naruto Yuri Ficathon
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Welcome to the Naruto Yuri Ficathon, a ficathon created and maintained by sugartits (mofoslotmachine[at]livejournal.com). This ficathon was created for the encouragement of more writing/drawing and reading of Naruto shoujo-ai; sign-ups are currently closed.

Ficathon Rules

1. Signups closed on July 14th.

2. All fics are due by August 24th. If you cannot finish your fic/art by that time, please let me know so arrangements can be made.

3. You must write/draw shoujo-ai/yuri, obviously. The content is up to you, so it can be anything from UST, implied attraction, relationship, kissing, etc. But the focus should be on the relationship between two women, whatever form it's in.

4. All pairings involved must contain canon characters, so no OCs, please.

5. Art is very much allowed. :)

6. Threesomes are allowed, as long as at least two women are involved; so f/f/f is fine, as is f/f/m or the like.

7. Before posting your completed fic, please use a spellcheck and, if possible, a beta reader.

8. All fics should be at least 500 words; there is no upper word limit.


Important Dates:

- Sign-ups are open until July 14th.
- Fic posting may start from July 16th onwards.
- All fics are due by August 24th.

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